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SKill large
The Shaper of Worlds
Vital statistics
Position Final Boss
Age 36
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6'6"
Weight 187 lbs

S-Kill is a character who appears in the game Divekick, serving as the final boss. S-Kill is based on fighting game veteran, former Capcom employee and current Sony employee Seth Killian. His teleports and kicks are based off of Seth from Street Fighter IV, a character who was also originally based on Killian.


S-Kill is the leader of an organization hell bent on re-balancing the entire world so that it can be repackaged and sold once again. When S-Kill’s subordinates fail to rebalance professional divekicking, S-Kill sets out to do the job himself.


Air: Trick: S-Kill teleports in front of his opponent, allowing him to kick them without much effort.

Ground: Parry: S-Kill parries incoming kicks. The timing is crucial to execute the move properly.


S-Kill bears a very visible resemblance to Seth Killian, the former Street Fighter enthusiast and Capcom employee, albeit looking very evil and villain-ish to play the final boss in DiveKick. He wears a brown suit jacket on top of a sweater, blue pants and light brown loafers. He holds his hands in position to play crosshand on an arcade stick, as Seth Killian does.


  • The Parry special is based on Parry mechanic from Street Fighter III series
  • His teleport looks very similar to Seth's Yoga Teleport from the Street Fighter IV series
  • CPU S-Kill has infinite Kick Factor.
  • In one of his win poses, S-Kill will pull out a "re-balanced" version of Divekick, whose title is a five-word word salad that changes each time. This is a parody of various Street Fighter editions, such as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
  • S-Kill's cross-handed pose references how Seth Killian uses an arcade stick: right hand on the stick and left hand on the buttons.

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